Newborn Screening Interoperability Webinar

Date: December 13, 2019 10:00 am EST

This webinar provided an overview of interoperability and how electronic health data connections can help improve outcomes in newborn screening. It outlined the current and ideal state for electronic data exchange, how newborn screening orders and results are unique from other standard electronic orders, and discussed data exchange challenges and solutions.  


  • Define interoperability for newborn screening and the benefits and challenges to implementation.
  • Describe the impact of electronic test ordering and reporting on public health laboratory workflows, and the various ways connections can be made to transfer electronic health data.
  • Identify key differences between newborn screening electronic test orders and other standard reference laboratory test orders.
  • Identify potential new approaches to the expansion of electronic test ordering and reporting.
  • Identify various stakeholders that collect pertinent newborn screening data and how connection can improve outcomes. 


This program is intended for anyone who works in or supervises a public health or clinical laboratory, including clinical and public health laboratory staff, bioinformatics or HIT professionals, other laboratory workers and members of the newborn screening system, and research scientists.


Note: The recording is no longer available for this webinar, however the slides used in the presentation can be found linked below.