About NewSTEPs

The Newborn Screening Technical assistance and Evaluation Program (NewSTEPs) is a national newborn screening resource center designed to provide data, technical assistance, and training to newborn screening programs and assist states with quality improvement initiatives. It functions with the goal of improving outcomes for newborns by facilitating newborn screening initiatives and programmatic outcomes to improve the overall quality of the newborn screening system.


of the nearly four million newborns born in the United States each year are screened by public health laboratories for various genetic disorders.

Newborn screening is a state public health service intended to identify individuals in a population who may be at an increased risk of a certain disorder. It is recognized as the largest and most successful disease prevention system in the United States and saves or improves the lives of over 12,000 babies a year.


 All babies have a healthier start through newborn screening in the US and globally.


Driving global Newborn Screening systems to excellence by shaping policy, promoting data-driven improvements, and pursuing innovations in public health laboratory practices.


Association of Public Health Laboratories

Manager, Newborn Screening and Genetics Funke Akinsola, MPH oluwafunke.akinsola@aphl.org
Senior Specialist, CQI Ashley Comer ashley.comer@aphl.org
Manager, New Disorders Kshea Hale, MPH kshea.hale@aphl.org
Specialist, NewSTEPs Amanda Jenkins, MPH, MLS (ASCP) Amanda.Jenkins@aphl.org
Director Jelili Ojodu, MPH jelili.ojodu@aphl.org
Data Manager, NewSTEPs Sarah McKasson, MPH Sarah.McKasson@aphl.org
Sr. Technician, Newborn Screening and Genetics Darria Pressley Darria.Pressley@aphl.org
Manager, NewSTEPs Ruthanne Sheller, MPH ruthanne.sheller@aphl.org
Specialist, Follow-Up Noah Sinangil noah.sinangil@aphl.org
Deputy Director Sikha Singh, MHS, PMP sikha.singh@aphl.org
Specialist, Newborn Screening and Genetics Dara Slavin dara.slavin@aphl.org
Senior Specialist, Bioinformatics Courtney Sumby Courtney.Sumby@aphl.org
Manager, Newborn Screening and Genetics Guisou Zarbalian, MS, MPH guisou.zarbalian@aphl.org