APHL Hot Topic Webinar Series: Public Health Laboratory Fellowship Program

Date: March 05, 2024 3:53 pm EST

This hot topic webinar provides a comprehensive overview of the Association of Public Health Laboratory's (APHL) Career Pathways in Public Health Laboratory Science initiatives, including our Public Health Laboratory Fellowship Program, newborn screening (NBS) project examples, and its key features and application process. Participants will also hear stories from fellowship program alumni who share their experiences as fellows working in newborn screening.


  • Christine L. Bean, PhD, MBA, MLS (ASCP), Chief Learning Officer, APHL
  • Ashley Smith, MS, Senior Specialist, Public Health Laboratory Fellowship Program, APHL
  • Courtney Sumby, MS, Senior Specialist, Newborn Screening & Genetics, APHL
  • M. Christine Dorley, PhD, Division Director, Tennessee Department of Health
  • Charles Lechner, MS, former APHL NBS Bioinformatics and Data Analytics Fellow