A Blueprint for Success: A Guide to Implement Newborn Screening Education for Expecting Families

Date: October 24, 2023 1:01 pm EDT

This webinar was hosted by Expecting Health and is an informative webinar for their recently developed toolkit- the Implementation Toolkit for State Newborn Screening (NBS) Programs. The goal of the webinar is to build awareness and knowledge, learn from the experiences of the speakers, and generate action for the next steps. 


  • Marianna Raia, MS, CGC, Associate Director of Programs, Expecting Health


  • Kathy Inkhamfong, MS-HSA, Newborn Screening Lead Follow-Up & Education Specialist, Colorado State Public Health Laboratory
  • Hilary Fryman, RN, BSN, Newborn Screening Nurse Educator, Tennessee Department of Health 

Additional resources created by Expecting Health.

  • The Newborn Screening Family Education Program: Learn, Connect, Advocate- created by Expecting Health's Navigate Newborn Screening and ambassador Alison Breitbarth to feature the benefits of engaging families in the newborn screening system. The article was presented in The Community Health Clinic's newsletter
  • Navigate Newborn Screening: A Resource Sharing Toolkit- created by The Newborn Screening Family Education Program to help raise awareness of NBS, help educate and train, provide support and engage families, and share important dates.