COVID-19 NBS Response: Courier

Date: July 27, 2020

COVID-19 Courier Challenges, Practices and Resources: (refer to the COVID-19 web page


Practices  Challenges Resources/Strategies
  • FedEx and UPS are severely limiting deliveries. There are questions if labs (i.e. flow cytometry) will get to the laboratory in time. Couriers may only be delivering to a central location. If programs do not know that the sample is in this central location, how will they know to go and get it? 
  • Drivers are not entering hospitals/ birthing facilities, or hospitals/ birthing facilities are not allowing couriers inside 
  • Couriers are being funneled into one entrance at some birthing facilities, making pickups less convenient 
  • Work with the courier to change pick-up locations 
  • Provide a letter to birthing facilities indicating that couriers are performing an essential service 
  • Assign a hospital staff member to meet the courier at a specified location at a pre-arranged time to hand off newborn screening samples. 
  • Use lockboxes at problematic sites 
  • Adjust staffing based on delayed courier deliveries 
  • California has developed a letter for birthing facilities emphasizing newborn screening as an essential service and the importance of couriers to have access to all birthing facilities