CDC Unified Process Framework Templates

Date: October 30, 2018

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Unified Process (UP) framework is a unified, sequenced organization of the portfolio, program, and project management processes involved in maintaining strategic alignment between agency goals and objectives, investments, and project objectives. These resources provide templates for project activities.

Stakeholder Analysis Template- A stakeholder matrix is a tool that allows the project manager to classify the people involved in a project. Typically, this information is presented in a tabular format that maps stakeholders to the amount of influence and impact each has over the project and lays out the strategy for engaging them. 

Project Charter- The project charter provides a high-level overview of the entire project. It will state the objectives of the project, the justification or business need, the timeline and resources required, and the critical success factors. In many ways, the project charter builds on the business cases. The charter is often one of the first artifacts that the project team drafts and may be used to confirm that stakeholders understand the project.

Project Schedule- The project schedule documents the planned timeline of milestones and activities. The schedule may be based on target milestone dates, individual tasks, or the anticipated completion date of specific project deliverables. Typically, the project schedule includes start and end dates and identifies dependencies. For example, the team cannot start Task 2 until Task 1 is completed.

Project Management Plan- The project management (PM) plan is a document (or set of documents) that helps the team guide the project through its lifecycle, from planning through execution and close-out. It details the project objectives, scope, and schedule, and documents the intended approach to managing various elements of the project. By clearing the outlining, the process for tracking milestones, mitigating risks, or approving changes, the PM Plan instills a format management approach to the project activities. 

Change Management Plan- This template is useful for creating a change management plan.

Business Case-The business case summarizes the justification for starting a new project. It defines the problem that the project is attempting to address and explains the proposed solution. The business case may include a basic cost-benefit analysis; it may also review the pros and cons of alternative solutions. The business case is often the first project artifact to articulate and document the objectives of a project, and project sponsors may use the business case to authorize the initiative, or at a minimum to green light additional project planning. 

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)- This template can be used for creating a memorandum of understanding.