LIMS System Report

LIMS System by State

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State/NBS Program LIMS System Other LIMS Specified Follow-up System Sort ascending Other Follow-up System Specified
Maryland StarLims StarLims
Virginia Other StarLIMS and PerkinElmer StarLims
Texas PerkinElmer PerkinElmer
Arkansas PerkinElmer PerkinElmer
Delaware PerkinElmer PerkinElmer
Vermont PerkinElmer PerkinElmer
Wyoming PerkinElmer PerkinElmer
Nevada PerkinElmer PerkinElmer
Illinois PerkinElmer PerkinElmer
Michigan PerkinElmer PerkinElmer
Ohio PerkinElmer PerkinElmer
Florida PerkinElmer PerkinElmer
District of Columbia PerkinElmer PerkinElmer
Iowa Internally Developed Oz Systems
Minnesota Neometrics/ Natus Other OZ for POC; Natus for Blood Spot
Puerto Rico Other NeoMed Other NeoMed
Guam Neometrics/ Natus Other Excel spreadsheet
Utah Other Integrated Software Solutions OMNI Lab Other Integrated Software Solutions OMNI Lab
Colorado PerkinElmer Other Combination of Custom-written Code and Perkin Elmer's PatientCare
Arizona PerkinElmer Other Neometrics and HiTrack
Kansas Other ChemWare Horizon LIMS Other Welligent Auris
New Hampshire Other Citrix Other Citrix
Rhode Island Other Citrix - New England NBS system Other KIDSNet
Connecticut Other Horizon Other Maven
South Carolina PerkinElmer Other None, in the process of installing Perkin Elmer Patient Care module in 2021
West Virginia Neometrics/ Natus Neometrics/ Natus
Pennsylvania PerkinElmer Neometrics/ Natus
Washington Neometrics/ Natus Neometrics/ Natus
New York Neometrics/ Natus Neometrics/ Natus
Tennessee PerkinElmer Neometrics/ Natus
New Jersey Neometrics/ Natus Neometrics/ Natus
Oklahoma Neometrics/ Natus Neometrics/ Natus
Idaho Neometrics/ Natus Neometrics/ Natus
Alabama Neometrics/ Natus Neometrics/ Natus
Oregon Neometrics/ Natus Neometrics/ Natus
Hawaii Neometrics/ Natus Neometrics/ Natus
California PerkinElmer Internally Developed
Louisiana Neometrics/ Natus Internally Developed
Wisconsin Other Epic Beaker Internally Developed
Indiana PerkinElmer Internally Developed
Maine Internally Developed Internally Developed
Alaska Internally Developed Internally Developed
Georgia PerkinElmer Internally Developed
South Dakota Internally Developed Internally Developed
Kentucky PerkinElmer Internally Developed
Mississippi PerkinElmer Internally Developed
Missouri Neometrics/ Natus Internally Developed
Montana Other Orchard Harvest Internally Developed
Massachusetts PerkinElmer Internally Developed
Nebraska Internally Developed Internally Developed
North Carolina StarLims Internally Developed
North Dakota Internally Developed Internally Developed
New Mexico Neometrics/ Natus Internally Developed

LIMS System Summary

1-5 of 5 results
LIMS System Total
PerkinElmer 22
Neometrics/ Natus 14
Internally Developed 6
Other 9
StarLims 2

Follow-up Information System Summary

1-6 of 6 results
Follow-up System Total
Neometrics/ Natus 11
Internally Developed 17
Other 11
PerkinElmer 11
Oz Systems 1
StarLims 2