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Policies and Procedures

Before proceeding with any data request, please thoroughly review the NewSTEPs’ policies and procedures document.

Data Request

Please select all fields in which you are requesting data. Note that it is required to read and agree to all policies and procedures therein contained in the NewSTEPs Repository Data Request Policy and Procedures.

Types of State Profile Data Available for Request
  • Screening Methods and Targets
  • Equipment
  • Proposed/ Actual Implementation Date for Universal Screening
  • Newborn Screening Funding Sources
  • Fees
  • Fee Collection
  • Fee Use Details
  • Specimen Collection
  • Specimen Transport, Receipt, Storage and Retention
  • Consent
  • Follow-Up
  • Analysis
  • Operations: Emergency/ Disaster Support
  • Operations: Community of Operations Plan
Program Structure
  • NBS System Organizational Chart
  • Follow-Up on Unsatisfactory Specimens
  • Follow-Up on Borderline Results
  • Laboratory Test Performance Evaluation
  • Formal Communication Structure
  • NBS Program Staffing Level
  • Program Information
  • Laboratory Operating Hours
Adding to the NBS Panel
  • General Information
  • Laboratory Test Addition Requirements and Challenges
  • Point of Care Test Addition Challenges

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