Quality Indicators

Newborn screening quality indicators (QIs) are utilized to provide longitudinal comparisons within a program as well as comparisons to aggregate data across programs. These eight QIs have undergone iterative evaluation by NBS partners to assure agreement on definitions.

You are able to download and view these QIs for entry into the data repository. The data dictionary and quality indicator definition template map are also accessible to aid in generating the appropriate data for the QI templates. For more information regarding QIs, including complete definitions and helpful tips, please view the QI Source Document.

Quality Indicator

UNSATISFACTORY SPECIMENS: Percent of dried blood spot specimens that were unacceptable due to improper collection and/or transport.
MISSING ESSENTIAL INFORMATION: Percent of dried blood spot specimens with at least one missing state-defined essential data field upon receipt at the lab.
UNSCREENED NEWBORNS: Percent of newborns not receiving a newborn screen.
LOST TO FOLLOW-UP: Percent of infants that have no recorded final resolution (confirmed diagnosis or diagnosis ruled out by an appropriate medical professional) with the newborn screening program.
TIMELINESS: Timeliness of newborn screening activities.
SCREEN POSITIVES: Percent of infants with an out-of-range newborn screen result requiring clinical diagnostic workup by an appropriate medical professional, reported by disorder category.
CONFIRMED POSITIVES: Percent of disorders detected by newborn screening with a confirmed diagnosis by an appropriate medical professional.
MISSED CASES: Percent of missed cases, reported by disorder.