LIMS System Report

LIMS System by State

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State/NBS Program Sort ascending LIMS System Other LIMS Specified Follow-up System Other Follow-up System Specified
Wyoming PerkinElmer PerkinElmer
Wisconsin Other Epic Beaker Internally Developed
West Virginia Neometrics/ Natus Neometrics/ Natus
Washington Neometrics/ Natus Neometrics/ Natus
Virginia Other StarLIMS and PerkinElmer StarLims
Vermont PerkinElmer PerkinElmer
Utah Other Integrated Software Solutions OMNI Lab Other Integrated Software Solutions OMNI Lab
Texas PerkinElmer PerkinElmer
Tennessee PerkinElmer Neometrics/ Natus
South Dakota Internally Developed Internally Developed
South Carolina PerkinElmer Other Limited, in the process of installing Perkin Elmer Patient Care module in 2022
Rhode Island Other Citrix - New England NBS system Other KIDSNet
Puerto Rico Other NeoMed Other NeoMed
Pennsylvania PerkinElmer Neometrics/ Natus
Oregon Neometrics/ Natus Neometrics/ Natus
Oklahoma Neometrics/ Natus Neometrics/ Natus
Ohio PerkinElmer PerkinElmer
North Dakota Internally Developed Internally Developed
North Carolina StarLims Internally Developed
New York Neometrics/ Natus Neometrics/ Natus
New Mexico Neometrics/ Natus Internally Developed
New Jersey Neometrics/ Natus Neometrics/ Natus
New Hampshire Other Citrix Other Citrix
Nevada PerkinElmer PerkinElmer
Nebraska Internally Developed Internally Developed
Montana Other Orchard Harvest Internally Developed
Missouri Neometrics/ Natus Internally Developed
Mississippi PerkinElmer Internally Developed
Minnesota Neometrics/ Natus Other OZ for POC; Natus for Blood Spot
Michigan PerkinElmer PerkinElmer
Massachusetts PerkinElmer Internally Developed
Maryland StarLims StarLims
Maine Internally Developed Internally Developed
Louisiana Neometrics/ Natus Internally Developed
Kentucky PerkinElmer Internally Developed
Kansas Other ChemWare Horizon LIMS Other Welligent Auris
Iowa Internally Developed Internally Developed
Indiana PerkinElmer Internally Developed
Illinois PerkinElmer PerkinElmer
Idaho Neometrics/ Natus Neometrics/ Natus
Hawaii Neometrics/ Natus Neometrics/ Natus
Guam Neometrics/ Natus Other Excel spreadsheet
Georgia PerkinElmer Internally Developed
Florida PerkinElmer PerkinElmer
District of Columbia PerkinElmer PerkinElmer
Delaware PerkinElmer PerkinElmer
Connecticut Other Horizon Other Maven
Colorado PerkinElmer Other Combination of Custom-written Code and Perkin Elmer's PatientCare
California PerkinElmer Internally Developed
Arkansas PerkinElmer PerkinElmer
Arizona PerkinElmer Other Neometrics and HiTrack
Alaska Internally Developed Internally Developed
Alabama Neometrics/ Natus Neometrics/ Natus

LIMS System Summary

1-5 of 5 results
LIMS System Total
Neometrics/ Natus 14
Internally Developed 6
PerkinElmer 22
Other 9
StarLims 2

Follow-up Information System Summary

1-5 of 5 results
Follow-up System Total
Neometrics/ Natus 11
Internally Developed 18
Other 11
PerkinElmer 11
StarLims 2