NewSTEPs Quality Improvement Projects Collaborative Showcase Series: Part 1

Date: February 08, 2024 2:00 pm EST

The NewSTEPs Quality Improvement (QI) Projects Collaborative Showcase Series features multiple QI projects successfully completed across various newborn screening programs as part of the QI Projects Collaborative. These sessions provide valuable lessons learned during their journey, fostering a dynamic environment for questions and discussions. 

February 8 | Session One:

  • Michigan's Increasing Equity in CCHD
  • Kansas Sunday Courier
  • Iowa's COOP Communication Project


  • Ashley Comer, Senior Specialist, Association of Public Health Laboratories


  • Kristen Thompson, MPH, Newborn Screening Coordinator, Michigan Newborn Screening Program
  • Michelle Mills, MS, Laboratory Manager, Kansas Newborn Screening Laboratory 
  • Carol Johnson, Follow-Up Coordinator, Iowa Newborn Screening Program