Site Review Program

Site Review Program

NewSTEPs provides a non-regulatory Site Review Visit aimed at assessing various components of a newborn screening program including the laboratory system, birth facilities, and follow-up system for quality improvement purposes.  The comprehensive Site Review Visit is facilitated by a team of experts that evaluate programs in a customizable manner, with a focus on assessing programmatic areas including state legislation and policy, ethics, funding models, organizational structure, point of care testing, education, and more.

The guided, comprehensive site reviews occur on a scheduled basis followed by a written report and recommendations.

  1. Request Site Visit

    Please click here to complete a form requesting a site visit.

  2. Pre-Site Visit Form

    To be considered for a comprehensive site visit, please complete the pre-site visit form. This pre-site visit form will assist the site visit team in identifying resources required to ensure the most effective site visits.

  3. Full Site Review

    The current iteration of the full NewSTEPs Site Review Manual can be found linked here.

  4. Example of a Report

    A de-identified example of a written Evaluation Site Visit report will be made available shortly.